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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Here we go !!

Ok so it's all very well pressing buttons, adding this & that & generally 'fiddling about' with the look of a page ... thus avoiding any actual writing ... but I think perhaps the purpose of a blog is to write & be read ! So no more tweeking for now & on with the show ... !!!

I guess my first post should be about my felty business, but no - I feel a gentle introduction to my general craftyness would be good. With this in mind I will TRY & post a little tutorial showing the beautiful 'lavender bottles' that my Grandma taught me to make - many moons ago!! Please bear with me as it's my first blog & first tutorial too - a lot of firsts today ... By the way if anyone can think of a better name for these sweet little things I'd be grateful!!

                                        "LAVENDER BOTTLES"

             You'll need an odd number of fresh lavender heads
cut with nice long stems - 11 is a good number! And one metre of pretty ribbon - I usually use quarter or three eighths inch wide.

Firstly strip away excess leaves & stray flower heads down the stems. Tie your ribbon fairly tightly around all the stems just below the bunch of flower heads- tying close to one end of the ribbon.

Now bend the lavender stems over the heads gently so as not to snap them - it sometimes helps to 'score' them with your fingernail a little before bending.Bend the stems all down around the flower heads to enclose them.

Now's the time to start weaving the ribbon! Under,over,under,over ... Keep the ribbon nice & tight as the lavender does shrink a little as it dries out.
When you have woven down to the end of the flower heads wrap the ribbon round neatly a few times & tie in a loop for hanging. Now you are ready to hang this one in your wardrobe or in the kitchen & start again!! I usually like mine to be a bit thicker & more rounded but for us in Derbyshire it's still early in the lavender season!!
I hope you've enjoyed my first post!
If you are in or around Derbyshire 16th July you can come & make these with me at the http://www.freedomflowers.co.uk/  Open Day & taste some lovely 'flowery' food too!!